Forget the 8-Track, IT Operations Evolution is on the Fast Track

Earlier this month, my colleague, Adam Bacia, wrote about change in the IT industry and the rate at which it happens. It got me reminiscing about my first job and the technologies available then. I remember one day sitting at my desk getting ready to write some SQL reports when suddenly, I was distracted by a noise from down the hall that sounded like a large washing machine. Curious about the noise and vibration, I discovered that it was coming from a Data General 10MB hard drive. It not only sounded like a washing machine as it was spinning up, it was the size of a washing machine. Contrast that to the small, ubiquitous, multi-TB SSD drives available today. It really wasn’t that long ago, really, I’m not that old.

This was also back when SQL report writing was all the rage and Oracle was getting its start. Today, we have NoSQL Databases like HBase, Neo4J, and various others that help us analyze the massive pools of information gathered from the proliferation of systems and services in the cloud.

Virtualization existed, but only on the mainframe, it wasn’t even considered on servers, and the concept of application containers like Docker was not yet born.

In the lyrics of Bob Dylan, the times they are a changin’, and they are changing fast!

With the constant evolution in IT, challenges arise in being able to support both new and legacy technology simultaneously, and furthermore the rapidly changing dynamic interdependencies amongst the systems.

This is where Zenoss can help.

To see how the architecture of Zenoss Service Dynamics has changed to support the IT Operations evolution, watch the following videos:

Zenoss Service Dynamics Architecture Overview
ZSD Service Impact Architecture
ZSD Resource Manager Architecture

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