Customer Spotlight: Electric Company Adopts Unified Monitoring

electricity-company-01By: Brian Wilson >>We love our customers! Some like to keep their anonymity, but we do like to share interesting use cases like this one from a large utility conglomerate who is using the full-featured and commercially-supported, unified monitoring platform to manage its technology infrastructure serving more than 4.5 million customers and approximately 44,000 megawatts of generating capacity.

“The first return on our investment into Zenoss is that we have a better understanding of our server farm. For the first time, we will be able to get ahead of issues so that we will be able to grow our infrastructure exponentially,” states company Systems Analyst.  “Additionally, the price point was so reasonable to enable this growth, compared to competitive products that required huge investments.”

Within the organization, various departments had built home-grown tools, which resulted in system disparity. Manual monitoring of the hundreds of emails from the energy management systems, to find the key one that would or could cause an outage was no longer acceptable. “We call this our ‘single pane of glass’ effort – a coveted monitoring dashboard that analyzes and delivers the comprehensive, predictive analysis report with segmented data and immediate notification of failure to the right people for immediate resolution,” added Systems Analyst.

The premier energy company will be utilizing Zenoss Service Dynamics to gain end-to-end infrastructure visibility and control with flexible, unified, monitoring. This will allow the organization to identify service issues more quickly, and reduce infrastructure and productivity costs. “The predictive analysis from Zenoss will enable us to better allocate resources, this is a game changer for our staff.”

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