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I arrived home from AWS re:Invent last fall and told my wife that our children would look back and point to today as an era of unprecedented change in the core fabric of business and IT. I still feel that way today. But my view is not as AWS centric as AWS wants me to be. I see early data points and real hints that Azure is coming on, and I think we would be fools to underestimate the combination of Diane Green and Google. What does this mean to the IT leader today? Your world is going to continue to be messy, but you also are leading in an era of tremendous opportunity. Everyone one of us can innovate, disrupt, and constantly iterate to build the best [insert your goal here] today.


Zenoss is taking this approach today internally across a number of initiatives. Externally, we just launched in the AWS Marketplace, and will next be launching into the AWS Intelligence Cloud (IC) for secure government clients. We are investing heavily in Open Stack. We are constantly adding features and capability to our VMware ZenPack, still our most popular ZenPack today. We are seeing continued requests to add additional physical device ZP.  This is a clear message that our clients are innovating rapidly as well. You are facing not a march or a jog, but rather a full on sprint to a hybrid world. You are long past thinking and planning, you are in the midst of messy details of making it all work at a lower cost than what you did last year and yesterday. If you are anything like me, you are checking your public cloud bill on a daily basis via a third party tool. And you are still watching uptime like a hawk. Welcome to the new normal.


Regarding the Zenoss launch into the AWS Marketplace, we are happy to be providing links to our SaaS and on premise offerings. We expect most of our clients to have some AWS monitoring need, and our previously released AWS ZenPack does this well, bringing AWS alerts and performance into the unified event consoles of the Zenoss platform, allowing you to have a complete view of your infrastructure regardless of where it is or who is providing it.


If you are an existing customer, I encourage you to explore the Zenoss possibilities with AWS. If you are new to Zenoss, rest assured that we remain committed to providing clarity in a murky, messy, (dare I say cloudy?) world.


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