Cloud Links #81 - Enterprise Transformations, Widening Skills Gap, Cloud Operations

Every Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from the week. Here are some great articles they selected from 1/7/2013 that are worth taking a look at.

2013: A Take-Off Year for Enterprise Transformations by Jiten Patil | Cloud Computing Journal

As 2013 gets off the ground and we look at the year ahead, there can no longer be any doubts that cloud computing has caused a paradigm shift in computing. Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the Internet world - and is having an impact on every form of business. Not only is it helping organizations to fast-track revenue generation, but it's also creating new business and growth opportunities as well.

Is There a Widening Skills Gap in the Cloud Industry? by James Bourne | Cloud Tech News

A recent whitepaper from IDC sponsored by Microsoft has suggested a widening skills gap for cloud computing, and the trend will continue further through 2013.

Orchestrating Cloud Operations – A Practical Example by Kent Erickson | Transforming IT Operations Blog

At the beginning of the week, we had a FlexPod with VMware. By the end of the week we had an IAAS cloud where a cloud tenant could order a VM and get automated service management. Here’s our report.

How Hybrid Cloud Storage Offloads Storage Management to the Cloud by Marc Farley | TechNet Blogs

IT professionals are plenty familiar with compelling interruptions that need to be dealt with quickly, but keep them from getting high-priority work done.  That's one of the reasons IT leaders are looking for SAAS solutions - to decrease the potential for technology alligators to delay the projects they are being measured on.

A Good Reason to Learn Cloud Computing: 7M Jobs by 2015 by Patrick Burke | Cloud Computing Journal

Now is a good time to bring your cloud computing skills to the forefront. Demand for cloud-ready IT workers will grow by 26 percent each year through 2015, according to a new Microsoft-sponsored IDC white paper. If that estimate proves true, there could be as many as 7 million cloud-related jobs in the world.

Master Your Critical Cloud Data for Business Advantage by Ravi Shankar | CloudTimes

Remember what first sparked business’ collective imagination about cloud computing? Its potent combination of ubiquitous access, utility pricing and hands-off application maintenance was something entirely new to companies reliant on on-premise applications. From a business perspective, it represented – and still represents – extraordinary agility and line-of-business empowerment.

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications - Operations Management and Infrastructure Performance Management by Bernd Harzog | The Virtualization Practice

As VMware progresses towards virtualizing more and more business-critical and performance-critical applications, the tools and processes by which the virtualized data center needs to be managed need to change. As a first step, it is important to separate workloads into three groups: Tactical (no one cares if they go down for a while), Business-Critical (they must be up all of the time), and Performance-Critical (they not only must be up, but must deliver excellent response time all of the time).

Amazon's Cloud Revenues, Examined by Charles Babcock | InformationWeek Cloud

Amazon.com's Web Services unit is gaining larger cloud customers than the developers and startups who first found a home on its EC2 compute service. That's one reason two analyst houses have come out with upside predictions for the firm.

Rackspace: An Overview of a Major Cloud Player by Nick Hardiman | TechRepublic

Takeaway: Nick Hardiman looks at what Rackspace is all about. What does it mean by Fanatical Support, and is OpenStack the platform of the future for cloud management?

AWS Needs To Figure Out Its Enterprise Plan by Rodney Rogers | TechCrunch

I’m a large enterprise and my ears are ringing. I hear that you, AWS, know exactly what I need. Before I get into that, AWS, I want to let you know that I admire you. You made a market. You, quite brilliantly, made and own the public commodity cloud IaaS market…But this doesn’t mean you know me, AWS, and I believe your foray into enterprise will expose you. Yes, I realize this may be cloud blasphemy to some. Here are six pro-tips from yours truly, me, your Fortune 500 prospect.

The Emerging Cloud Computing Skills Crisis by David Linthicum | GigaOM Pro

Demand for “cloud-ready” IT workers will grow 26 percent annually through 2015, with as many as 7 million new cloud-related jobs available worldwide by that time. This is according to a new IDC report (sponsored by Microsoft).



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