Cloud Link Roundup #79 - Everything AWS, DreamWorks & Open Source, OpenShift Enterprise

Every Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from the week. Here are some great articles they selected from 11/26/2012 that are worth taking a look at.

Expanding the Cloud – Announcing Amazon Redshift, a Petabyte-scale Data Warehouse Service by Werner Vogels | All Things Distributed

Today, we are excited to announce the limited preview of Amazon Redshift, a fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. Amazon Redshift enables customers to obtain dramatically increased query performance when analyzing datasets ranging in size from hundreds of gigabytes to a petabyte or more, using the same SQL-based business intelligence tools they use today. Customers have been asking us for a data warehouse service for some time now and we’re excited to be able to deliver this to them.

The future of the internet is intelligent machines by Jeff Immelt | GigaOM

Thanks to the internet, almost anything consumers might want is just a click away. But for businesses, the gains have been much less dramatic. That is about to change, with the arrival of the Imdustrial Internet.

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Who Will Win The Google-Amazon-Microsoft Cloud Computing Price War? by Antone Gonsalves | ReadWrite

It's a great time to jump into cloud computing. If your business runs on the Web, you can reap the benefits of a good old fashioned price war among Google, Microsoft and Amazon. The trio is lowering prices for their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud-computing platforms in order to attract developers. For startups and other companies not tied to legacy platforms, that means the time is right to get a good deal on building and running websites and client-side applications on any one of three state-of-the-art data centers.

Red Hat Rolls Out OpenShift Enterprise by Maureen O'Gara | Cloud Computing Journal

At the Amazon Web Services Re:Invent conference Tuesday Red Hat rolled out OpenShift Enterprise, the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed to be installed on-premise in customer data centers or on private, public or hybrid clouds that it announced in May.

IT buying decisions more complex in 2013 by Kevin Kwang | ZDNet

CIOs and IT departments will no longer have complete control over buying decisions as the rise of cloud and mobility mean other business units will want their say. This is expected to spike expenditure.

Remember that VMware spin off? It’s baaa-aack by Barb Darrow | GigaOM

VMware plans to turn over SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, GemStone and other non-core technologies over to a new EMC-owned subsidiary, GigaOM has learned. The move helps separate the money-making, enterprise-focused VMware business from the future CloudFoundry unit that will compete against Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

DreamWorks releases an open source software by Jack Taylor | VR-zone.com

DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., has recently made the decision that their software used to create some of their animations, which includes the upcoming “Rise of the Guardians” will be given away as open source.

The opportunity in packaging Netflix’s open-source software by Donnie Berkholz | Redmonk

Today, Netflix released yet another component of its infrastructure as open-source software — this time the culprit was Hystrix, a library to aid in building resilient software, while just last week Netflix opened Blitz4j, a framework for scalable logging. They join a growing array of the core components of Netflix’s well-known cloud-based architecture.

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