Cloud Link Roundup #78 - Fat-Bellied Tech Titans, Outage Risks, Cloud Architects

Every Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from the week. Here are some great articles they selected from 11/12/2012 that are worth taking a look at.

Never mind fat-bellied tech titans, give enterprise upstarts a chance by Trevor Pott | The Register

Sysadmin blog In the IT world, momentum is everything. The past few months of talking to various start-ups have been an eye-opener for me; but none so much as talking to Bill Karpovich of Zenoss. Zenoss's story reflects one I've heard from many other start-ups of late; they have great software and are growing rapidly, but there's always that risk that being good at what you do might not be enough.

Cloud security: Outages are bigger risk than breaches by Brandon Butler | Cloud Computing – InfoWorld

Gartner says the biggest concern should not be that data might be compromised in the cloud, but rather that a cloud outage could lead to data loss

Cisco Validated Designs for Cloud -Part 2 – Cloud Service Assurance by Didier Rombaut | Cisco Blogs

Last week Tom Nallen introduced the concept and benefits of the Cisco Validated Design -- So  I asked today Laszlo Bojtos, System Manager for the Cisco Cloud Service Assurance validation effort, to illustrate this concept with the recently published Cloud Service Assurance for Virtualized Multi-Services Data Center 2.2 Cisco Validated Design.   This design guide is one of the recent CVD releases in the Cloud systems management and orchestration area.

CloudStack: Filling Two Niches In Open-Source Enterprise Cloud Management by Brian Proffitt | ReadWrite Cloud

If you look at cloud computing, you might think, based on the hype, that enterprise-cloud management systems like OpenStack, OpenNebula or Eucalyptus have things wrapped up. But ignore CloudStack at your own peril, because this is a product that deserves a look by IT organizations ready to move into the cloud.

Hold it! Don't back up to a cloud until you've eyed up these figures by Trevor Pott | The Register

Online data vaults are everywhere. On the small storage side, we have options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Teamdrive. My Synology NAS, the upcoming 2012 Microsoft Server Suite and any number of virtual appliances can all back up bulk data to the cloud. The software side of things may be settled, but is this all truly feasible?

IT's new battlegrounds in the cloud revolution by Jack Clark | ZDNet

Cloud computing is turning into a true utility, as essential to any business as water or electricity. This evolution is driven by massive investments by cloud companies, itself funded from businesses' increased reliance and spending on cloud services over their traditional, internal IT.

Head in the clouds: Business starting to use cloud without knowing what they'll do with it by Steve Ranger | ZDNet

Companies are pressing ahead with adoption of cloud computing even though they haven't finished working out their formal strategies for using it.

Can Amazon Web Services' cloud offerings evolve with the times? by Tom Nolle | SearchCloudComputing

Amazon Web Services EC2 has been the gold standard for cloud computing since cloud became a household name. For many, it's also been a bastion of proprietary defense in an open source world. Since its inception, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud has evolved and gone through more than a dozen price decreases. But questions remain about exactly how big a lead Amazon has in the cloud market and what it's doing to increase that lead.

Cisco Buying Cloupia to Boost Converged IT Management by Jeffrey Burt | eWeek

Cisco Systems is buying Cloupia, a startup whose software will enable businesses using the networking giant's converged data center solutions to automate and centralize everything from the servers and storage devices to networking services and virtual machines.

Defining the elusive cloud architect  by David Linthicum | Cloud Computing – InfoWorld

The cloud architect is much like Bigfoot: There are sightings, even some blurry video, but we really don't have solid proof that this creature exists. The problem is cloud computing is so new that it's tough to find people who understand how all of it fits together for enterprises. Indeed, this is one of the biggest limitations around cloud adoption.

When is a cloud not (quite) a cloud?  by Clive Longbottom | The Big Picture

At a recent Dell roundtable event on the future of cloud computing, the discussion centred around how cloud was not being adopted wholesale by many organisations yet.  Various reasons were put forward, such as fear of change, fear of losing control, security issues and so on.  A little while later on, several people were pushing the case for cloud around its capability to enable innovation.

Facebook Servers Get Hotter, But Run Fine in the South by Rich Miller |  Data Center Knowledge

Facebook has been able to cool its servers through the North Carolina summer using only fresh air and no mechanical refrigeration, the company said today, even on days when the temperature reached 102 degrees.

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