Cloud Link Roundup #2 - The Cloud's Killer App, Demystifying the Hype, and More

As you wind things down this Friday afternoon, we've put together a few final thoughts on Cloud Computing for you to digest. There were a lot of great articles to read this week, here's six of our favorites.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

But in the end, no matter whether you’re in insurance, utilities, telecom, manufacturing, whatever, IT does add value to the business, and becoming the business is not required to show that fact. Everywhere I have had the opportunity to work, either as a consultant or full-time employee, the company could not function at the level it does without IT. We all know that, the business knows that, the thing is that IT is horrible about communicating that fact. And always has been.

In the closing panel of today’s Structure Big Data conference, CA Technologies EVP and CTO Donald Ferguson suggested that big data might actually be a driving force behind the adoption of cloud computing. By his thinking, because many organizations’ big data jobs still are batch-oriented and relatively variable in terms of frequency, they’re ideal workloads to run in the cloud, which lets users rent computing capacity by the hour rather than investing heavily in expensive hardware to meet only their peak needs.

What I don’t know is how the long-term cost of cloud storage will equate to the long term cost of purchasing the same storage. And I don’t think anyone can know what that graph looks like at this time. Cloud storage is new enough that it is safe to say the costs are anything but stabilized. Indeed, the race to the bottom, price-per-terabyte wise early in cloud storage’s growth nearly guarantees that the costs will go up over the long term. but how far up we just don’t have the information to figure out yet.

Join Cisco's CTO of Cloud Computing Lew Tucker on the next Talk2Cisco for an interactive discussion about what's real with cloud computing today and how pervasive it will be in our lives going forward. As one of the industry's key innovators, Lew will share his perspective and experience in how big cloud computing can get, how early the marketplace is in its evolution, and how diverse clouds will be in meeting various needs of businesses and people.

Integrating with a cloud computing provider can be an expensive proposition, especially if you are tying a service offering to the cloud.  Once you integrate with tools or the programming interface of your vendor of choice there is a sense of “lock-in” whereby you are committed to that relationship.

"In the world of IT, everything has cascade effects, and in data centers the traditional methods of design no longer work without understanding the outside forces that will have an impact on data center costs, size and longevity," said David Cappuccio,managing vice president and chief of research for infrastructure at Gartner.




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