Cloud Classics, October 2011

A lot happens throughout the month and keeping track of it all is a chore. Here are some of our most popular posts from October, 2011.

3 Reasons Why Monitoring Has Failed Operations by Floyd Strimling

These days it seems that the market is enamored with new technologies such as orchestration and provisioning.  However, the reality is Operations relies heavily on monitoring solutions as the “nerve center” of their internal and/or external services. Sadly, monitoring has failed Operations and struggles to deliver a clear ROI.  Let’s explore three reasons why monitoring has failed Operations.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing [Infographic] by Travis Balinas

As companies ebb and flow with today’s IT trends, Cloud Computing continues to be a hot topic – and with good reason too. Adoption of Cloud is on the rise according to our VMworld survey showing more than 75% of attendees planning to use Cloud.

Cloud Computing Outlook 2011 Survey Results with Infographic by Travis Balinas

The results are in in from our 2011 cloud computing survey conducted with Cloud.com and Bitnami. The effort surveyed  over 500 IT professionals to determine the key IT objectives and inhibitors for cloud adoption.

What Elephant in the Room? 5 Excuses to Avoid the Cloud by Floyd Strimling

“Cloud is not for us.” “We virtualize almost everything so it’s like we already use Cloud.” “Cloud is too expensive.” Etc……So what’s your excuse? Cloud isn’t going away.Instead of refocusing negativity and fear of the Cloud onto something productive, a lot of companies are still content on wasting time, money, and energy being a vocal skeptic.

Response to “Why the Standard Response from Operations is NO!” by Dan Kusnetzky

A short while ago, I read a post titled “Why the Standard Response from Operations is NO!” by Josh Duncan and decided that it deserved a response.  The post, by the way can be found here.

Top 10 Presentations on Cloud Computing by Josh Duncan

From helping to explain the basics, to understanding the impact to Enterprise IT, there are a lot great presentations on Slideshare to help educate your team (or your boss) on the subject of Cloud Computing. However, with over 15,000 decks on the subject, it is hard to find the gems that are worth leveraging.

Implementing Service Assurance (Part 2) by Dan Kusnetzky

A new set of tools, tools that offer service assurance rather than merely offering high availability are needed. These tools must be able to examine and manage all of the components of the IT infrastructure not just a few selected components to achieve the goal of preventing service interruptions that have a negative impact on customers. Let’s take a deeper look at implementing service assurance.

3 Open Source Projects Worth Investigating For Your Cloud by Floyd Strimling

As I travel the world talking with enterprises, service providers, or attending/speaking at conferences about Cloud computing, I find that there are many incredible open source projects that have not yet crossed-over into the mainstream.

I Hate my Monitoring: “More trick than treat” by Kent Erickson

We talked to Jack at VMworld about the horror of managing his online travel site. “When they sold it to us they promised a treat, but my big orange monitoring software turned out to be an awful trick,” he said. “Four releases old and no way to upgrade made it one of the living dead.”

100 Best Cloud & Data Stats of 2011…so far by Travis Balinas

2011 has been a HUGE year for the Cloud and the buzz around the actual happenings is greater still. We wanted to cut straight to the core of everything Cloud, more specifically, everything relating to the Enterprise Cloud and the cascading impacts for businesses worldwide.



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