Cloud Classics, July 2011

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A lot happens throughout the month and keeping track of it all is a chore. Here are some of our most popular posts from July 2011.





The Cloud is Growing Fast! (and we're hiring) -Published 7/21

"We’re Hiring! Check out our jobs page here. The world of IT moves quickly, especially in the Cloud and Zenoss is growing FAST!"

Cloud Management with GigaOM and Zenoss - Published 7/7

"Please join us along with GigaOM on July 13 for a free, one-hour analyst roundtable webinar titled, “Managing the Cloud – Creating a Unified Cloud Management Strategy for Your Business.” (Video of webinar available here.)

Think You Know Cloud Ops? Too Late - It's Already Changed. - Published 7/5

"Virtualization and cloud computing are rapidly becoming part of doing business. On-demand IT means that resources that used to be deployed once and then managed are now constantly being de-provisioned and re-provisioned. Change is now constant and something that needs to part of operational management procedures."

Zenny’s Weekly Cloud Links #17 – Big Data, BI, IT Management, Datacenter, CIO’s - Published 7/8

"Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of July 4th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!"

Cloud Computing, Making the Same Management Mistakes Over Again - Published 7/11

"...Cloud Instrumentation becomes the glue that interacts with the applications, compute, storage, networking, orchestration, trouble ticketing systems, and more.  It is a foundational piece of the “Cloud Stack” and one that must not and cannot be ignored.  Cloud providers may want to revisit their implementations as providing their customer’s visibility into all layers of the stack would be a competitive advantage not a liability."

IT’s Biggest Issue with Cloud isn’t Technology, it’s Organizational Change - Published 7/14

"Yesterday, during our webinar with GigaOMPro, the audience was asked what was their biggest challenge when it came to cloud management...The number one cloud management issue was the organizational structure that was inhibiting unified management (47% )."

Our World of Data and Where it’s Stored [Infographic] - Published 7/28

"Earlier this week, I came across a fantastic infographic titled Where of Where is the World’s Data Being Stored? Cloud storage and big data have significantly impacted the growth of data storage. Organization, orchestration, and management of these devices is a constant battle and one that demands service assurance be top priority."

It’s 9 O’clock, do you Know what is Running in your Datacenter? - Published 7/12

"Server Virtualization - The emergence of powerful virtual machine software for industry standard (X86) systems has changed how many organizations look at deploying server-based applications and services. In the past, many organizations would deploy a single workload on a server. While this approach might have been easy to understand, it was wasteful of system resources."

Automatic Provisioning: Why It’s So Important - Published 7/12

"For my part, I take automatic provisioning for granted. If I go to Facebook, and I can’t upload my photos instantly, it feels wrong. But an IT analyst I’ve known over the years, Jonathan Eunice of Illuminata reminded me that automatic provisioning has been a key design component for the last half-decade or so."

Automatic Provisioning Problem #1: Variation - Published 7/18

"Automatic provisioning is a given in so many situations today, yet deploying it is still extremely hard to do...even before datacenters had to run at Internet scale, applications were being deployed on such a wide range of platforms and systems that the variables involved made automating them almost impossible."

Enterprise IT – Adapt or Else! - Published 7/1

"When it comes to moving to virtual and cloud infrastructures, enterprise IT has a formidable challenge. Not only has the time come where IT must be making this evolutionary journey, they have to do so while continuing to maintain and expand existing solutions. There is no such thing at a “mulligan” when it comes to Enterprise IT."

The Enterprise Cloud Triage - Published 7/20

"The goal of an Enterprise Cloud Triage (ECT) is to understand your Enterprise’s readiness to move to a private, public, or hybrid Cloud. While others have concentrated on questions to ask the Cloud providers, the ECT is geared toward a self-assessment of your Enterprise."

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this past month of articles, especially our guest bloggers Dan Kusnetzky and Robyn Weisman.



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