Cisco Digital Network Architecture and You

Down on the floor at the Cisco Live technology keynote with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” booming through the speakers – it must be time to hear all about the brand new Digital Network Architecture (DNA)!

Oh, it’s only the first significant change in Cisco networking in the last 15 years, that’s all.

New technology driven by emerging giant new network needs. The answer to the question, “How are we going to manage 100 billion network endpoints?” is a perfect example. Pumps that track flow rate, footballs constantly measuring air pressure, and location-tracking tags for high-value hospital assets.

Last week was the official announcement of the intent-based networking technology that will completely replace your current networking practices.

And that’s not hyperbole.

  • Yes, you’re going to stop using the shell to configure switches. Instead, you’ll log in to the DNA Center and issue policy commands that reconfigure hundreds or thousands of devices simultaneously and without error.
  • Generating tedious, endless access lists will be a thing of the past with Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)
  • Assurance (i.e., SD-Access) is a key focus with the Network Data Platform, with a key first application that identifies encrypted malware traffic from its metadata traces.
  • And, of course, there’s a brand new set of Catalyst switches, the 9000 series to match the most modern Nexus numbering standard.

Read the announcements and start thinking about how and when you’re going to start the changeover.

Common Threads for Zenoss Users

Yet to me, much of this seemed to touch on themes familiar to Zenoss users.

  • Going forward, automation is critical to delivering fast, quality IT support for business services. Listening to the parade of visitors at our Airstream booth, I heard over and over how troublesome it is to manually add/remove devices and define services. In fact, I think dealing with inherited devices and service is one of Zenoss’ biggest strengths, as there are so many ways to deal with the problem.
  • To me, “intent-based networking,” sounds an awful lot like, “I need quality service delivery,” — because in both cases, the focus is on results instead of technology. The other thing I heard is that executives care less and less about technology, instead wanting a laser focus on the business.

What Next?

Every day, we at Zenoss think, “How do we help make ‘Customers for Life’ come true?” Reach out to us and we’ll show you how we deliver sustained IT value!






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