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topimage-1-460x230By: Alison Guzzio >> Check out this insightful blog post from Ravi Balakrishnan at Cisco touting the openness of the Cisco ACI Platform, and how their partner ecosystem is helping deliver value to customers. Cisco ACI Ecosystem Builds Strong Momentum with new Security, Monitoring and Orchestration Technology Partners

In today’s changing IT landscape, more and more organizations move from on-premise models to cloud-based services, and from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Applications as a Service (AaaS). In order to keep up with these and other industry evolutions, businesses need to be flexible in the way they manage their infrastructures. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) fabric architecture addresses these pain points, and provides a roadmap for future growth. Ravi Balakrishnan highlights the reasons Cisco is the winner in the blog.


"When it comes to leadership in the SDN marketplace, clearly there is one winner. And that is, Cisco ACI. The proof is in customer momentum numbers. In the recently concluded quarter, Cisco ACI announced 8600 plus ACI ready customers and a rapidly growing ecosystem of 50 plus technology partners.
In fact, the growing ecosystem of partners is a direct testimony to the openness of the ACI platform. I like specifics. In recent blogs, I presented the customer success featuring ACI with F5 and ACI with Citrix, and it was clear how customers are benefiting from these solutions. In this blog, I want to highlight recent North-bound technology partner solution integrations with ACI, the use-cases they address and the key benefits to customers."

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For more information on how Cisco and Zenoss are changing IT, click here.



Balakrishnan, Ravi. "Cisco ACI Ecosystem Builds Strong Momentum with New Security, Monitoring and Orchestration Technology Partners." Cisco Blog. Cisco, 20 Sept. 2016. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.



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