Calling All ZenPackers - Developers' Guide Needs You!


The long awaited ZenPack Developers’ Guide is almost here!

Excited to share that alongside the team at Zenoss, I have been writing the “ZenPack Developers' Guide” now for six months.  It's a cross between the old “Zenoss 3 Developers' Guide” from Zenoss and my own “Creating Zenoss ZenPacks for Zenoss 3” paper.  A draft will be available for GalaxZ 16, May 10 – 12 in Austin, TX. Still time to register!

It has LOTS of details, LOTS of examples, LOTS of screenshots.  You know what?  It needs LOTS of input from people with different backgrounds to review it.  For a sneak preview, take a look at the first few pages with table of contents at https://github.com/ZenossDevGuide/DevGuide/blob/master/zenpacks4_5_rev1.0.1_title_to_contents.pdf .

There are overview sections and examples of creating ZenPacks simply using the graphical user interface (GUI).  If you have never created a ZenPack, these sections are for you - and I would appreciate your comments.

Created a GUI ZenPack but never taken the plunge and written any code?  There are several examples to get you started.

Written Python code for ZenPacks and heard about this new(ish) zenpacklib utility to help generate ZenPacks with minimal code?  There's a big section introducing a zenpacklib sample and also sections on converting existing ZenPacks to use zenpacklib.  Get away from all that horrible JavaScript!

Done all that?  The Guide has sections specifically for guru ZenPackers with more advanced hints and tips and detailed discussions of functionality provided with core Zenoss code and how to interface with it.  These sections are clearly marked so that rookie ZenPackers can avoid them first time around.

There are nine sample ZenPacks discussed and they are all publicly available on GitHub at https://github.com/ZenossDevGuide .  Guess what?  They need reviewers too.

The Guide has been largely written under Zenoss 4.2.5 but has some help for those struggling with Zenoss 5.  Reviewers with Zenoss 5 input will be especially welcome.

Come to my GalaxZ session at 13:00 on Wednesday's Track 3.  We also have a designated Zenoss Community area in Griffin Hall next to the partner showcase, where I expect to spend some time and shall be delighted to meet anyone there to discuss.  On Thursday, we have a dedicated lunch for anyone interested in seeing and reviewing the ZenPack Developers' Guide.

Can't make GalaxZ?  You can still participate.  Make contact and we can get you a draft to review.

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