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If you happen to have a daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter, or any female relative between the ages of 4 and 12, you most likely have heard the song “Let it Go” a few (thousand) times since the movie “Frozen” came out.

Beleaguered parents and relatives have come to accept that this is now their reality – a constant soundtrack to their lives that they are willing (even if a bit grudgingly) to put up with for the sake of their delighted young family member.

Much like listening to the Frozen soundtrack every day for a month, BMC framework-based monitoring solutions can cause daily headaches. These antiquated systems aren’t up to the challenges of today’s dynamic infrastructures, creating a constant stream of implementation and maintenance nightmares and unnecessarily delaying service rollouts. But unlike with that Frozen soundtrack gripped fiercely in the claws of your 5-year-old superfan, you do have an alternative.

Break Free from Burdensome, Perpetually Painful Monitoring!

Zenoss has just released two new resources that highlight in particular how the BMC framework creates unnecessary burden when it comes to IT monitoring – and what benefits organizations can reap from “Letting Go” of these complex, expensive solutions.

Break-Free-From-Burdensom-Perpetually-Painful-MonitoringWith our “Break Free from Burdensome, Perpetually Painful Monitoring” ebook, we examine the motives framework vendors have for maintaining their high cost, low value approach to monitoring. BMC ProactiveNet Performance Montitoring (BPPM) solution is compared against the Zenoss Service Dynamics unified monitoring approach to highlight how framework solutions introduce unnecessary inefficiencies and costs – and what you can do to stop it.

In “Life After BMC: Four Success Stories”, we take a look at four former BMC customers – a federal agency, a financial institution, a network service provider, and a cloud service provider – who were able to achieve immediate, real-world benefits by abandoning BMC BPPM for Zenoss Service Dynamics. The details of these short case studies demonstrate that you can quickly and efficiently address the core complaints of framework based solutions, such as:Life-After-BMC-White-Paper

  • High licensing maintenance fees
  • Too many individual products that are difficult to integrate and operate
  • Inadequate visibility into virtualized or cloud environments
  • Inability to easily customize or extend monitoring to new resources

Please check out the above resources to find out how you can curb the daily pain and inefficiency that BMC frameworks. We haven’t quite come up with a comparable solution to the Frozen soundtrack issue (PLEASE, let us know if you do), but we did at least find an amusing for you. Enjoy!

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