Be in the “Know!” Drive IT Efficiency & Lower MTTR through Unified Monitoring

Data Center Admin“I don’t know,” is not the answer CIOs want to hear when they walk up to you seeking the reason for a disruption.  They want to know that you have identified the cause of failure and have a game plan to institute rapid resolution. “I don’t know” does not convey either.  Unfortunately, in many cases it is the only answer you can give them.

Datacenters have changed over time. No longer confined within your four walls and comprising of your dedicated infrastructure the cloud-era datacenter is really a loosely coupled, highly complex set of technologies inside and outside your “walls”.  Depending upon your business needs, you might be using public clouds such as CloudStack, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Converged Infrastructure VCE Vblock or NetApp FlexPod, or even good old virtualization run by VMware or Hyper-V. Of course, the legacy systems have not gone away either. They still play an important role in today’s datacenter. As we assimilate each new technology we put in place a set of dedicated tools and an SME or two to manage it. All is well, until, something goes wrong. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by a plethora of tools that don’t talk to each other or provide you with any actionable intelligence. While they may tell you about the health of specific infrastructure components, they have no context around the services they are supporting.

So how do you find out which components are causing a service disruption? You put MORE resources and MORE SMEs. Root Cause Analysis becomes a highly manual process that is expensive and doesn’t scale, extracting meaningful business intelligence for capacity and infrastructure optimization is near impossible.  Organizations end up experiencing longer downtimes and missed SLAs.  Meanwhile, the only thing you can tell your CIO is “I don’t know”

Join us as we discuss how organizations worldwide are driving IT efficiencies by automating Root Cause Analysis, shortening MTTR, reducing downtime, and taking a holistic view of their environment – all through Unified Monitoring.

This highly informative webcast will explain:

  • Why dedicated monitoring tools fail and are a detriment to efficiency

  • How to leverage monitoring for benefits beyond Incident Management

  • Why Unified Monitoring is the only viable approach for modern data centers

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Never Say “I Don’t Know” to Your CIO 


Thursday, December 5, 2013


1:00 pm CST | 2:00 pm EST | 11:00 am PST


Michael Shannon, Deployment Architect & Deepak Kanwar, Zenoss Product Marketing



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