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At GalaxZ18 in Austin, Texas, this morning, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing Zenoss Cloud, a true SaaS, multitenant intelligent operations management platform. Zenoss Cloud incorporates the best of what Zenoss has historically delivered so well in a modern platform at incredible scale.

When our founders started Zenoss over a decade ago, they did it with the purpose of using cutting-edge technology to disrupt the complacent IT monitoring and operation management market space in order to deliver value to customers. At the time, the cutting-edge technology was open-source software, the market space was infrastructure monitoring, and the customer value was delivered through unbeatable compatibility and streamlined usability, at much lower costs than what had typically been available from entrenched vendors. With Zenoss Cloud, we’re about to do this all over again. And I couldn’t be more proud of what this team has achieved.

Vendors across many segments, including Zenoss, have long endeavored to help prevent IT service outages and improve overall IT performance. These vendors have taken different approaches, including infrastructure monitoring, artificial intelligence operations (AIOps), log analytics, and more. Some collect performance data from systems directly, some rely on events, some rely on logs, while others rely on data sent from agents.

The missing link has always been a unified approach to collecting the data, imparting the data with intelligence through modeling, gaining novel insights from it, and sharing those insights with other tools and teams so that the whole organization functions more effectively.

Zenoss Cloud represents the first platform that encompasses all of these benefits with every source of infrastructure data organizations are generating today. It is the intelligent operations management platform of the future, a cloud-native offering that enables companies to eliminate IT outages and optimize cloud and on-premises systems as they undergo digital transformation, a business requirement for the survival of most companies across all industries.

The key to successfully achieving this was developing the unique ability to collect and analyze all types of structured and unstructured data in the same context — widely considered the holy grail of operations management. Zenoss Cloud introduces the first operations management platform that streams and normalizes all machine data, uniquely enabling this emergence of context for preventing IT service disruptions in complex, modern environments. The key pillars of our vision are intelligence, simplicity and scale. Above all else, these three things are required to manage the challenges of modern enterprise and service provider IT environments. With the Zenoss intelligent operations management platform, we’re delivering on our vision of software-defined IT operations. We keep businesses running.

Zenoss Cloud enables businesses to eliminate blind spots throughout their data centers, even as they deploy new technologies, cloud resources, microservices and IoT resources. They can predict impacts to critical services through the use of detailed service modeling and AI-guided insights. They can resolve issues faster through instant root-cause analysis and integration with other ITOM tools. And they can operate at any scale the business requires.  

Powered by the cutting-edge Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Zenoss Cloud leverages the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to give you virtually infinite scale and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of your business. All components of GCP are also FedRAMP certified, delivering a best-in-industry security posture.  

Here are some key Zenoss Cloud features:

  • Collection and contextual analytics for all data types, including metrics, model data, events, logs, agent data, application performance data, network performance data and ad hoc data
  • Virtually unlimited scale, including streaming and analytics capacity for machine data volumes and number of systems that can be monitored
  • Powerful machine learning capabilities to automate issue root cause, helping to predict and eliminate IT outages for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments
  • Unmatched 99.9975% reduction in alert noise and false positives, immediately isolating actionable events and eliminating fatigue
  • Management of dynamic environments driven by ephemeral systems like containers and microservices with out-of-box support for Docker, Kubernetes and more
  • Seamless integration with other ITOM technologies to accelerate and automate resolution
  • Industry-leading built-in security at the chip level
  • Continuous innovation and enhancements through a true multitenant cloud platform

If you were unable to attend GalaxZ18 and would like to learn more about Zenoss Cloud, please sign up for our webinar taking place next week.

Finally, I owe a huge congratulations and thank you to the entire Zenoss team for helping make Zenoss Cloud real. We are committed to delivering powerful outcomes to our customers, and they took on (I think) the most ambitious shift in Zenoss history over a year ago. Zenoss Cloud is the result, and as we announce the new platform today, we also recognize it as just the beginning.

Today we launch, tomorrow we soar to the stars!  



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