Announcing Zenoss 5

The Next Generation of Zenoss Service Dynamics Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our IT Operations Management Platform, Zenoss Service Dynamics 5, which provides critical new capabilities for monitoring dynamic, complex, hybrid enterprise IT infrastructures that enable the delivery of today’s critical business applications.

Scale Out Monitoring - Scale Back Costs

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 is built around a core vision - Software Defined Operations @ Scale - the essence of which is to align service assurance monitoring with the business.  Being more agile and doing more for less cost is a critical requirement and that’s exactly what we have delivered in this release.  Our customers can now focus more on what they want to monitor and when, instead of figuring out how to monitor and scale.  Our service-centric performance and availability monitoring, event management, and operational analytics allow IT operations to scale out monitoring while scaling back costs.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, including Docker, Elasticsearch, and a new Big Data Apache HBase back-end (part of the Hadoop stack), Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 enables high fidelity monitoring, improved availability and reduced management overhead.  Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the largest and most complex global enterprise IT infrastructures.  With the new Big Data back-end, Zenoss can horizontally scale performance collection to hundreds of thousands of monitored infrastructure components and into the millions of data points per second.

Avoid Service Disruptions

Deployment, configuration, and management of Zenoss Service Dynamics is simpler than ever.  The new Zenoss Control Center improves infrastructure utilization and reduces operational overhead while enabling IT Operations to focus on addressing issues before service disruptions occur and proactively supporting strategic business initiatives, rather than reactively responding to issues.

Did you know that the core intellectual property in Zenoss Service Dynamics is patented?  The patent was recently awarded and involves our service-models and the unique way we can zero in on the true root causes of issues.  This technology also enables us to identify which services are actually impacted by an infrastructure fault, or which services are placed at risk, but not yet impacted.  Identifying issues early before they impact a service and knowing what is at risk can help you to prioritize your troubleshooting and address issues before service disruptions occur.

Respond Quickly to Business Demands

The new architecture is now more open and extensible, which means you can quickly expand your monitoring breadth to monitor new cutting edge technologies in days.  Our existing and new APIs support quick and easy integration and automation with other IT Operations Management systems such as ITSM, orchestration and specialized diagnostics point solutions in support of DevOps workflows.  And there is no need for expensive new modules to deploy or lengthy integration work to be done - with more than 400 ZenPacks and the Zenoss Community of over 100,000 members, you can use our Zenpacks, build your own, or leverage the open source community.

Key New Capabilities

  • Big Data scale and near real-time performance monitoring -- Powered by HBase on Hadoop, scales horizontally (hundreds of thousands of monitored resources, millions of data points per second) to meet business demands.
  • Horizontal scale out architecture -- Run anything, anywhere on demand. Improved infrastructure utilization via Docker managed by Zenoss Control Center.
  • Dynamic, shareable, intelligent reporting and analytics -- Mash up event, performance and configuration data your way. Share insights easily with other team members and groups for more effective collaboration.
  • Unified, event-driven, dynamic performance monitoring -- Use events to drive automated monitoring policies, reducing costs and minimizing outages through better root cause data and proactive performance anomaly detection.
  • Collector load balancing -- Monitored resources can now be automatically balanced across multiple collectors to achieve massive and efficient scale.
  • Zenoss Control Center -- Simplified, centralized administration and monitoring, automated self-monitoring and end-to-end management.
  • Drastically reduce lifecycle management costs -- With support for parallel Zenoss deployments, development, testing, and staging can now run on the same infrastructure without conflicts, driving down costs.
  • Never go dark -- Active/passive high availability ensures visibility into the health and status of your critical IT services. If a Zenoss monitored service fails, another service automatically steps in to take its place.
  • Disaster recovery -- Integrated online backup and restore supports zero downtime backups.
  • Snapshot and rollback -- Apply configuration changes or patches with the ability to quickly roll back or roll forward changes on any part of the platform.

Learn more About What Zenoss 5 Can Do For You!

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 provides the end-to-end infrastructure visibility and control with flexible monitoring that adapts easily to any environment, identifies services issues faster and reduces your infrastructure and productivity costs.  It doesn't just keep the lights on; it improves the economics of IT and enables you to identify and address issues before they impact service quality.

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