Amplify the Signal in IT Service Monitoring

ZenossWavesSignal to noise ratio is incredibly important in IT service monitoring.  The signal is information (typically carried in an alert) that will allow you to identify and resolve availability and performance problems. Noise represents unwanted effects that obscure the signal and make it difficult to receive the necessary information.

These days, most organizations face the reality of disjointed alerts from too many monitoring tools, which can completely obfuscate the source of a service interruption.  In other words, the signal to noise ratio is incredibly poor. We wanted to get better insight into how exactly this ratio is impacting businesses today, so we commissioned Forrester to conduct a survey.  The results will be featured in our upcoming webinar:

Webcast:  Forrester Survey Results: Can You Trust Your IT Monitoring Solutions?
Date:  Thursday, September 12, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm CST; 2:00 EST; 11:00am PST
Presenters:  John Rakowsi, Forrester;  Deepak Kanwar, Zenoss;

Forrester found that the majority of organizations are clearly frustrated by the inability of IT monitoring solutions to help them quickly resolve service issues.  While alerts are being generated, they simply don’t provide the insight necessary to expedite resolution.  Organizations continue to circle teams of IT professionals to manually interpret the data to determine the source of service delivery problems.  The alerts are not necessarily being trusted and often, the process of problem resolution does not even commence until a phone call from the user is received. And that means the damage has already been done and the service has already been disrupted.

IT has taken a central role in driving the business forward, and any service interruption is going to have a direct impact to revenue and productivity and of course the reputation and brand image of the organization. With failing IT, a business just cannot continue to deliver consistent value to its customers/users.

Join us on September 12 to hear the full results of the Forrester survey.  In our discussion with John Rakowski from Forrester, we’ll be covering:

  • How service delays impact both IT and the business

  • Why organizations are struggling with service delivery monitoring

  • How to dampen noise and drive better problem resolution

  • What specific features or capabilities organizations should look for a monitoring solution

Hope to see you there!




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