7 Apps, 7 Stacks: A Taste of SXSWi in Attendees’ IT Infrastructure Choices [Picatic]

Picatic SXSWBelow you’ll find the last of the interviews I conducted while exploring the stacks behind the apps of SXSW Interactive. I hope you’ve discovered some apps you can use professionally, and some apps you’ll enjoy personally. I also hope you’ll file away what you’ve observed about the technology choices of some industry innovators.  And on a related note, I hope you’ll tune in next Wednesday for an important announcement along these lines…

But meanwhile, let me introduce the CTO of Picatic, James Sapara. Yes, he’s wearing brainwave-reading bunny ears during his interview. So you can tell when he’s bored, or thinking hard, or startled, or getting passionate about his work. It’s like “man-on-the-street” meets lie-detector-machine, and of course I couldn’t pass it up. Especially when I learned what Picatic does.

Picatic is like Kickstarter for events. So if you want to host a party where everyone gets showered with fluorescent paint (like one Picatic crowdfunding host is bringing to Ontario this month), you set up an event page, tell people why they should buy tickets, and then take advantage of direct market forces to figure out the demand for this kind of experience.

I love technology that helps creativity thrive, and hope you and your friends will come up with many a sold-out event. But first, let’s hear how Picatic delivers this ticketing service. (And yes, you get to hear how James decided to wear the brainwave ears, but in the 2nd video below, not in this one.)


I also asked our interviewees in this series for any advice they’d provide to readers who couldn’t make it to SXSW Interactive this year. Big thanks to Marcus Robertson of TrueAbility (which helps you hire IT staff with proven skillz), Courtney Pemberton and Sarah Worthy of Tendenci (the open source CMS for nonprofits), Jonathan Lundell of Watchup (where I now watch the news on my iPad), and James Sapara of Picatic (where I’ll sell tickets for my next epic party) for sharing valuable advice you can use when you JOIN US at SXSW Interactive next year!


And for all you entrepreneurial techies and/or founders who dabble in code, be sure to check back here Wednesday of next week. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you did!




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