110 Cloud Stats and Figures from 2012 [eBook]

2012 has been a huge year for the Cloud. In the eBook, we wanted to cut straight to the core of everything Cloud, more specifically, where everyone is in their journey to the cloud and the evolving IT landscape that it brings. So to get you the high level trends from 2012, I spent some time compiling surveys, data sets, case studies, white papers, and more to find some of the most compelling, up-to-date stats out there.

Everything is broken down into current stats and future trend predictions. The first half is all about how to start a cloud, costs, staffing needs, deployment, open source, and challenges. Part two tackles the trends beyond 2012 from future growth projections to global spend and platform trends.

Be sure to Follow us on SlideShare to keep up to date on our latest content. Without further ado, please enjoy 110 Cloud Stats and Figures from 2012!

[slideshare id=15701561&doc=2012cloudstatsebook-121219101619-phpapp02]

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