Service Impact & Event Management

"With the release of Zenoss Service Dynamics, enterprise and service provider IT teams can now leverage a unified solution to better manage service delivery in dynamic environments."
Bob Laliberte
Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

As enterprises and service providers drive towards the "IT-as-a-service" model, the need for a new class of IT operations solution has emerged that offers scalable, automated, real-time service assurance and analytics across the entire hybrid cloud environment. Operations must move beyond device level uptime stats and general availability and be able to answer the hard questions being asked by the business service owners.

Impact View

With Zenoss Service Dynamics, IT operations can manage their ever-growing physical and virtual devices as services instead of individual data points. At scale, service level management is one of the biggest challenges confronting IT. Zenoss takes the guesswork out of knowing when an infrastructure event, such as a drive failure, puts critical business services at risk and enables a proactive response before service users and customers are impacted.


Unify and Automate Impact and Root Cause Analysis

Impact Management

Zenoss Service Dynamics delivers the following service impact and event management capabilities:

  • Real-Time Service Model – Automatically build and maintain service dependency mappings with real-time discovery and topology modeling
  • Dynamic Service Impact Analysis – Maintain operational awareness of service health with next generation service impact analysis that leverages patent-pending "policy-gate" technology along with a real-time service model
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis – Quickly and automatically identify root cause of performance and availability issues with next generation root cause analysis that reduces event storms to a prioritized list of most likely incidents leveraging a patent-pending confidence ranking algorithm
  • Automated Service Assurance & Remediation – Automatically respond to conditions in your environment to ensure service levels are maintained in real time; enables critical cloud operations capabilities including auto-scaling of cloud-based applications and real-time workload bursting across private to public clouds
  • Unified Event Management – Aggregate and manage events for your entire IT stack across your virtual, physical, and cloud deployments with an next generation event management system that provides automated event normalization and enrichment, and is easily extended and scaled through an embedded enterprise message bus

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