Unified Monitoring and
Event Management

Unify and automate performance and availability monitoring and event management for your entire IT infrastructure — applications, servers, storage, networks, virtualization, converged infrastructure, and cloud

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Service Impact
and Analytics

Know which services are impacted and quickly identify the root cause, uncover patterns, and plan capacity to improve service quality

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Alerting, Remediation,
and Integration

Automate notification and remediation of service-impacting events through integration with service desk, provisioning, and orchestration systems

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Monitoring the world's most complex technology infrastructures

We use Zenoss to monitor everything...What took months before now takes hours or days.

Allan Burnett, Director IT Ops

Having the API to provision and monitor resources is invaluable. For example, Zenoss gives us the ability to personalize the UI to fit our unique requirements.

Darrell Hyde, Director of Network Engineering

Zenoss is the only management tool that we have ever succeeded with at scale.

VP Network Operations

Clearly understand how performance and availability degradations impact overall service delivery while uncovering trends and patterns that help you improve service reliability and quality.

Monitor new services quickly and easily. Prioritize and automate remediation efforts while eliminating firefighting and finger-pointing.

Combine rich KPI, event, and service model information into a single, service-oriented dashboard. Make smarter decisions about how to optimize your environment and plan for future growth.

Reduce the cost to operate IT by quickly identifying, isolating, and addressing the root cause of service-impacting events.