With Zenoss Service Dynamics Impact (Service Impact), you know which events are putting your critical services at risk and you have the right context and information you need to act faster and address prioritized issues before business services are impacted.

Service Impact

Service Impact, a product in the Zenoss Service Dynamics product suite, takes the guesswork out of knowing when an event, such as a drive failure in a converged infrastructure storage array, puts critical services at risk. Service Impact automatically identifies both the root cause as well as impacted services.

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  • Live-Sync Service Model
    Zenoss automatically builds and updates a graphical service model in real-time so it’s always accurate. The service model contains the relationships and interdependencies between your constantly changing infrastructure and the services being delivered. The Zenoss Service Dynamics interface uses the service model to highlight the impacted services and affected devices.
  • Confidence Ranking Engine
    Zenoss leverages a patent-pending algorithm in order to deliver the quickest and most precise insight for root cause isolation and service impact determination.


Analytics, a product in the Zenoss Service Dynamics product suite, helps you uncover trends and patterns across your entire IT environment to help you optimize your IT resources and plan capacity more effectively. Use the data provided by Analytics as critical input to determine over- or under- utilized resources and right-size with confidence.

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Zenoss Service Dynamics provides efficient and flexible reporting designed to help you know more and make smart decisions about how to optimize your IT operational environment and plan for future growth.

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  • Daily operational reports
    Use the more than 45 different daily operational reports Zenoss provides in Resource Manager to see up-to-the-minute health status for all of your devices. Know instantly if your SLAs are at risk
    before your users notice a problem.
  • In-depth operational analytics reporting based on a centralized, normalized data store
    View historical IT operations and performance and event management trends month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year. Use one of the more than 20 out of-the box reports in Analytics to analyze device performance and availability over time and view detailed event reports and service impact reports.
  • Secure self-service portals
    Large enterprises and MSPs can create secure self-service portals where customers and business line owners can have instant access to their data and view service performance and availability levels over time.
  • Robust, ad-hoc IT operational analytics reporting capabilities
    Mine and analyze your IT operational data to meet a wide variety of business needs. Quickly slice and dice your IT operational data using the existing ad hoc views or create your own views to perform event analysis, examine event to KPI correlation, review service availability, performance, and MTTR, and analyze the cost of service trends.

Service Impact and Analytics Capabilities

  • IT optimization
    Uncover trends and patterns and identify issues that will potentially impact services in the near future and provide vital input for capacity planning and infrastructure optimization.
  • Dynamic service impact analysis
    Maintain operational awareness of service health with next-generation service impact analysis that leverages patent-pending "policy-gate" technology along with a real-time Live-Sync service model.
  • Automated, fast, precise root cause analysis
    Use a patent-pending confidence ranking algorithm to quickly and automatically identify the root cause of performance and availability issues and reduce event storms to a prioritized list of most likely events.
  • Report alignment with business needs
    Create customizable reports to represent your IT state in a meaningful, business-centric manner. Reporting flexibility from extreme granularity to high level, holistic views means you can create reports that meet a variety of different business needs.
  • MTTR reduction and improved SLA compliance
    Identify common performance issues and event trends based on service impact to reduce MTTR and improve overall service quality.
  • Real-time, “Live-Sync” service model
    Automatically build and maintain service dependency mappings with real-time discovery and topology modeling.
  • Service model synchronization, reconciliation, and promotion
    Easily synchronize and reconcile service models as you push, or promote, service models from development to testing to production.
  • Real-time service level reporting
    From a single dashboard, get a real-time view of your complete environment and the state of every service.
  • Secure customer self-service portals
    Built-in multi-tenancy allows MSPs to create secure, self-service portals where authorized users can get instant access and comprehensive views of their data.