Zenoss - Unlegacy IT Management for the Virtualized Datacenter

Zenoss has taken a new, unlegacy approach to the technology and business of network and systems monitoring.

The result is a first-of-its-kind solution. Unlike any other IT monitoring product on the market, Zenoss is the only solution that combines full lifecycle visibility, integrated coverage of your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure, enterprise scalability, flexibility and affordability.

Our novel approach and award-winning software are defining the next generation of network and systems monitoring. This is what you have been searching for...

“Zenoss’ ease of configuration and flexibility made it a perfect fit for our environment, as opposed to the proprietary tools we reviewed which were inflexible. Now we can offer services to customers that our competitors can’t match.”

–Marty Myers, Rackspace Global Operations Manager

“Our logic for moving to Zenoss has been validated at every turn.”

–David Winter, Manager, Managed Services Coleman Technologies

Full Lifecycle Visibility

  • Discover & model your entire network/server infrastructure
  • Group, organize and visualize your environment
  • Track inventory & configuration changes
  • Monitor performance and availability
  • Centralize fault/alarm/event management
  • Real-time alerting & reporting

Physical and Virtual IT Infrastructure

  • Single integrated view of networks, servers and apps
  • Seemless visibility between virtual and physical machines
  • Cross-vendor, cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Scalable for the Enterprise

  • Distributed architecture proven to scale to 25K+ devices
  • Auto-discovery and policy-driven configuration makes it easy to configure in large environments
  • Management tools for large, distributed configurations
  • High availability and 24x7 support options

Open, Flexible Architecture

  • Open architecture makes it easy to customize and extend
  • Do in days what takes weeks with proprietary tools
  • Open standards and agentless deployment eliminate lock-in


  • Save over 50% compared to offerings from the "Big 4"
  • Buy what you need when you need it

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