Storage Monitoring

Streamline Availability & Performance Monitoring for Your Storage Infrastructure

Zenoss improves visibility, reduces complexity, and provides vital insights into your virtual and physical storage systems.

Improve Storage Performance With Comprehensive Analysis

Zenoss enables you to break free of siloed storage monitoring software tools, providing unified monitoring that models your storage infrastructure as part of an end-to-end IT service view. The Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform not only provides increased visibility into your storage infrastructure, it also provides performance and availability data that correlates across the entire IT service chain — mapping all components and dependencies. The Zenoss platform offers a comprehensive view of your entire environment from a unified storage monitoring dashboard.

Zenoss ZenPacks: Storage Systems
Monitor Multivendor Storage Infrastructures From a Unified View

Zenoss monitors the most trusted storage technologies from vendors like EMC, Dell, NetApp and many more. The Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring and analytics platform allows you to seamlessly monitor all physical and virtual storage resources across all vendors from a single view. Zenoss provides visibility into how disk arrays, filers and other storage components are functioning in the context of overall service delivery. Built from the ground up to deal with dynamic environments, the Zenoss platform provides monitoring and analytics for traditional, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. With Zenoss storage monitoring software, you can:

  • Discover disks, storage enclosures, RAID groups, aggregates, LUNs, power supplies and other key components
  • Monitor capacity, throughput, space utilization, cache efficiency, power consumption, directory size, disk usage, file count, RAID array status and temperature
  • Collect events and forward them to the Zenoss console
  • Map service impact relationships between components
  • Report on storage usage and plan for future capacity needs

Optimize Storage Utilization With Zenoss Monitoring

Zenoss eliminates the complexity and overhead of disparate monitoring tools for different storage systems, providing in-depth multivendor monitoring that allows you to maximize storage utilization. Zenoss increases overall visibility and enables you to map utilization over time for simplified capacity planning. This can drive immense cost savings in large enterprise and service provider environments.

ZenPacks for Storage Monitoring

Customers can easily extend Zenoss storage monitoring software with ZenPacks — plug-ins that are uniquely tuned to the features of specific storage devices and systems — enabling the broadest coverage for monitoring multivendor storage environments. There are hundreds of ZenPacks available that make it easy for you to enhance your monitoring. ZenPacks use standard APIs and protocols and allow you to collect configuration information and monitor specific storage systems without any agents to deploy. For custom equipment and applications, you can also easily build your own storage monitoring ZenPacks.


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