Application Monitoring

With Zenoss, you can monitor essential application and software layers
within your hybrid IT infrastructure to ensure end-to-end service reliability.


Zenoss offers ZenPacks for monitoring applications like Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, IBM DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server*, My SQL, Oracle Database and PostgreSQL. While each ZenPack gathers standard performance and availability metrics, each is also uniquely tuned to the features of each platform.


Application Monitoring - Databases

Operating Systems

IT Ops teams get clear visibility into the health, performance and utilization of critical system-level resources by monitoring operating system components such as file systems, network interfaces, central processing unit (CPU) and memory utilization, operating system information, and installed software. Zenoss offers ZenPacks that help you quickly and effectively monitor common operating systems, including Linux, Microsoft Windows and Unix-based system such as Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX.


Application Monitoring - Operating Systems

Web Applications & Servers

Zenoss offers out-of-box support for monitoring Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Apache ZooKeeper, IBM WebSphere, JBoss Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Server and more. Functionality includes performance monitoring of metrics like requests per second, throughput, CPU utilization and cache hits.


Application Monitoring - Web & Application Servers

Unified Communications

Monitoring of unified communications (UC) is available via ZenPacks and through our UC Insight With Log Analytics product. These solutions provide extensive quality-of-service monitoring to stay ahead of issues and uncover trends and patterns to optimize communications services while also monitoring the underlying infrastructure. Supported application platforms include Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Microsoft Lync and more.


Application Monitoring - Unified Communications

Log Analytics

Log files are a source of rich forensic monitoring data. Zenoss offers log file monitoring in two flavors: via ZenPacks that integrate with native log file monitoring tools, such as Splunk, as well as through our UC Insight With Log Analytics product. Both options monitor log data at an aggregate level instead of on a log-by-log basis, providing power correlation and remediation actions.


Application Monitoring - Log Analytics


By analyzing the flow of data through your network to understand the overall volume of network traffic, where it originates and where it is headed, you can quickly gain insight into the overall access, quality and performance of your entire network. Through our NetFlow Insight product, Zenoss allows you to collect NetFlow data from your entire network infrastructure (NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFIX) and index it under a single architecture. NetFlow Insight's powerful correlation engine can then extract that data, compile it, and perform actions against multiple points.


Zenoss Insight Suite

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