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Every company has a unique mix of IT resources. You may have open-source provisioning tools or a unified communications platform — maybe a SaaS-based incident management platform to go along with your homegrown CMDB. No matter what the IT tools are that help your company succeed, the only way to ensure you're getting maximum value from them is to connect them and create efficiencies that cannot be achieved by the individual parts.

A successful IT monitoring platform extends beyond monitoring to fully integrate into the overall IT operations life cycle — from the discovery of new services that need monitoring to incident management and remediation. Click on the tool below to see how Zenoss can help you automate and modernize your unique IT ecosystem.

Strong Partners, Key Integrations

At Zenoss, we pride ourselves on our platform's ability to extend to just about any technology. However, we also know that there are some crucial vendors on which many of our customers rely for their key capabilities. That's why Zenoss partners closely with industry leaders like ServiceNow, Cisco and PagerDuty, as well as best-of-breed technology visionaries like LayerX — to ensure our platform has the highest levels of integration and unparalleled proficiencies with these technologies.


 Most of all, we needed something that could seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow, our ITIL solution. Zenoss came out clearly ahead of others.  

-Mark Kennedy, VP of IT Operations, Surescripts

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Make Monitoring Integration a Reality

QuickStart Packages

Let's get started. These packages include an architectural review of your Zenoss deployment, project management oversight, installation of Zenoss software, configuration of a sample set of managed resources, and a hands-on knowledge transfer of system parameters and functionality.

Integration Packages

Let's put it all together. These packages help you seamlessly integrate Zenoss into your end-to-end IT processes and workflows. Zenoss will work with your IT team to get the most out of your deployment, using best practices gathered from thousands of unique implementations.

Custom Packages

Let's go even further. For any of your needs that extend beyond our standard packages, our experts can tailor a solution for your specific deployment. This can include overall architecture, disaster-recovery scenarios, custom ecosystem integrations, specialty device monitoring and more.

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