Better Monitoring for Google Cloud Platform With Our New ZenPack

The Zenoss GalaxZ18 user conference was a huge success! While the primary spotlight was on the big reveal of Zenoss Cloud, we also rolled out the Google Cloud Platform ZenPack.

This past April, we were very proud and excited to announce that Zenoss joined the Google Cloud partner program. With this new ZenPack for Google Cloud infrastructure, Zenoss adds tremendous value to clients by integrating the monitoring of hybrid cloud environments leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with any IT infrastructure an organization may use — adding to support Zenoss already provides for clouds built with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Today, Zenoss offers broad and deep integrations for all major public cloud platforms.

Zenoss Cloud, our intelligent IT operations management platform, is developed and hosted on GCP and works with over 400 integrations from Zenoss known as ZenPacks. These ZenPacks enable Zenoss users to natively monitor any IT resource, from legacy storage and UNIX servers to hyperconverged infrastructure and containers. The new GCP ZenPack expands capabilities for IT operations management to enterprise hybrid cloud environments that leverage GCP.

The GCP ZenPack enables enterprises to monitor the health, status and performance of GCP compute instances and Kubernetes clusters. Zenoss can map out the relationships between critical components of GCP projects so customers can instantaneously pinpoint issues when they occur and provide insight into additional affected components and services. Users running the GCP ZenPack can stay ahead of problems before they occur by monitoring:

  • CPUs (Instance CPU utilization)
  • Disk (Throughput, throttled disk throughput, IOPs)
  • Network (Total network and firewall throughput and packet rate)
  • Containers (CPU, disk and memory usage)

Zenoss Cloud is our next-generation cloud-native SaaS offering. Zenoss Cloud enables businesses to prevent IT outages and optimize cloud and on-premises systems as they undergo digital transformation, a business requirement for the survival of most companies across all industries. By deploying the GCP ZenPack, Zenoss users can eliminate blind spots in the cloud, predict impacts to critical services that depend on cloud resources, resolve issues faster, and operate at the scale their multicloud environments require.

Powered by the cutting-edge GCP, Zenoss Cloud leverages powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to give companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses. All components of GCP are also FedRAMP certified, taking advantage of Google Cloud’s world-class security, delivering a best-in-industry security posture.

There are a number of ways to learn more and check out Zenoss Cloud and the GCP ZenPack. Request a demo, watch the on-demand Zenoss Cloud webinar, or visit us at Google NEXT this July in San Francisco.

Finally, look for additional updates to the Google Cloud ZenPack in the near future!



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