Zenoss Customer Support

From initial installation to on-going support, the Zenoss Customer Support Team is there to help you to maximize your investment.

Zenoss Support Packages

Zenoss offers multiple, comprehensive support plans allowing customers to choose that plan that best meets their needs. All Zenoss Service Dynamics customers are required to purchase Zenoss Support.

  Basic Premium
Product Support
Support Hours 8:00PM Sunday - 8:00PM Friday* 8:00PM Sunday - 8:00PM Friday*
Initial Response Time Urgent: 4 hrs
High: 6 hrs
Normal: 10 hrs
Low: 24 hrs
Urgent: 2 hrs**
High: 4 hrs
Normal: 8 hrs
Low: 16 hrs
Web Support Portal Access Unlimited Unlimited
Email Support Access Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Support 2 Calls / Month Unlimited
Named Support Contacts 4 8
Remote Troubleshooting Yes Yes
Premium Only
24x7 Support for Urgent Issues - Yes
Targeted Resolution Time - Yes
Targeted Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) Uptime - Yes
Service Level Credits - Yes
Management Escalation - Yes
API Support - Yes
Off Hours Support - Yes
Technical Account Manager - Yes
Quarterly Reviews - Yes

*Zenoss Support Hours are 8:00PM Sunday through 8:00PM Friday United States Eastern Time, excluding federal public holidays in the United States and Zenoss observed holidays that are announced in advance on the Web Support Portal.

** Zenoss will respond to Urgent issues raised by Premium support customers 24 hours a day, every day including holidays. Initial response will be less than 2 hours. All other severities are responded to according to Zenoss Support Hours.

Support Definitions

Response time is prioritized based on the issue severity. Zenoss uses the following definitions for issue severity:

Urgent An error has caused a catastrophic failure of the Software that has rendered the entire system unusable. (i.e. complete system outage)
High An error has caused a failure of the Software that severely impacts one or more critical functions of the Software. (daemon(s) failed, no data collection, UI not accessible, etc.)
Normal An error in the form of a bug or administrative issue is preventing a non-critical Software function from working. (i.e. error running report)
Low An error in the form of a bug or administrative issue that makes a function of the Software difficult to use but some Workaround is known. (also includes "How do I" questions) An “error” means a failure of the Zenoss software to materially conform to Zenoss-published user documentation.

Support Engagement Methods

Zenoss Support offers several different ways for named support contacts to get help, providing customers with the flexibility they need. Named support contacts may access any of the following resources.

Web Support Portal

The online Web Support Portal is the fastest method for issue resolution. The support portal allows you to communicate directly with Zenoss Support in one central location to submit new cases, append/upload file attachments associated with open cases, track the status of existing cases, and review past cases.

The support portal is also home for tools like our extensive knowledgebase and announcement forums frequently populated with the latest information on known issues, helpful how-to guides and service pack announcements.

Email Support

You can open a ticket via email at support@zenoss.com. We encourage you to use the Web Support Portal rather than email so that we can more readily capture the information we need, such as the severity level of your request. Once you have created a ticket in the Portal, you can easily update the ticket by responding to portal messages via email.


Phone support is available during Zenoss Support hours by calling +1-512-687-6854 and selecting option 2.

Named Support Contacts

Premium customers may name up to 8 individual support contacts, and Basic customers may name 4. Your named support contacts must be reasonably proficient in the use of information technology and familiar with the customer resources that are monitored by means of the software, and must speak English. You must provide information reasonably requested by Zenoss for the purpose of reproducing any error or otherwise resolving a support request.

Remote Troubleshooting

At your request, we will use a remote assistance technology to help you identify and resolve your issue. You may request a remote support session at any time, but we may need to schedule your session at a future time depending on our workload.

Premium Support

24x7 Support for Urgent Issues

Premium customers will receive 24x7x365 support for their Urgent issues. You will be provided with an “Urgent Issues” telephone number to be used outside of Zenoss support hours for Urgent issues only.

Targeted Resolution Time

If Zenoss Support cannot restore operation on an Urgent issue within 4 hours after initial acknowledgement, then Zenoss Support will engage with engineering staff on the issue.

Once engaged, Zenoss will use diligent efforts to restore operations to a working state. Until the system has been restored, Zenoss will provide a named contact that will lead the resolution efforts. This contact will communicate the proposed resolution path and provide updates at reasonable intervals.

Targeted Zenoss as a Service (Zaas) Uptime

The Zenoss as a Service shall be available to you with an uptime percentage of at least 99.9% of the time as measured annually. An uptime percentage means the percentage which is calculated by subtracting from 100% the periods of time in which the Zenoss as a Service was unavailable as measured annually.

Unavailable means Zenoss as a Service can’t be accessed by users and excludes downtime associated with service maintenance periods. Also excluded is the service not being available due to circumstances beyond Zenoss’ control, including without limitation modifications of the service by any person other than Zenoss or a person acting at Zenoss’ direction, a Force Majeure Event, general Internet outages, failure of the customer’s infrastructure or connectivity (including without limitation, direct connectivity and virtual private network (VPN) connectivity to the service), computer and telecommunications failures and delays, and network intrusions or denial-of-service or other criminal attacks.

Service Level Credits

Premium Support customers are eligible for a Service Level Credit if they experience an Urgent Severity Level issue caused by an error in the Zenoss Software where the system is not returned to an operational state within 8 hours of their submission of their support request.

If the complete system outage extends beyond the 8th hour, you may elect to receive a Service Level Credit of $100 per each hour that the Software is not operational after the 8th hour, not to exceed $1,000 per issue. You must submit a request for the Service Credit to the Web Support Portal no later than 30 days following the date of the original support request. Zenoss is not obligated to issue more than one Service Level Credit in any three month period. If you elect to receive the Service Credit, then the Service Credit is your sole and exclusive remedy for the issue giving rise to the support request.

If Zenoss does not meet at least 95% of the Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) uptime percentage measured on an annual basis, Zenoss shall allow you to receive a credit of .25% of your annual Subscription fee to the Service which shall be applied only towards future renewals of ZaaS. If Zenoss does not meet at least 85% of the uptime percentage, Zenoss shall allow you to receive a credit of .5% of your annual subscription fee to the Service which shall be applied only towards future renewals of ZaaS.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Zenoss shall not be responsible for not complying with the uptime percentage if such noncompliance is due to any unavailability of the Service which is caused by the customer’s environment or other circumstances beyond the control of Zenoss.

Management Escalation

Premium customers receive the benefit of automatic ticket escalations ensuring that Zenoss management has the proper visibility into customer impacting issues. Escalations occur based on time elapsed since the ticket was opened.

  Urgent High Medium Low
Manager Support At Ticket Creation Next Bus. Day 3 Bus. Day 4 Bus. Day
VP Support 1 Bus. Day 3 Bus. Day 4 Bus. Day 6 Bus. Day
SVP Customer Success 2 Bus. Day 4 Bus. Day 5 Bus. Day 8 Bus. Day

API Support

While developer support is not part of the standard support offering, Zenoss will make reasonable attempts to assist with API programming related issues for Premium Support customers. API Support is restricted to the published APIs and does not include additional functionality not documented with the released version.

Off-Hours Support

Zenoss recognizes that that some Updates must be installed outside of business hours. Premium Support customers may request support be available for non-urgent issues outside of Zenoss Support Hours up to 2 times a year (up to a total of 8 hours). The request must be logged via a ticket and at least 1 week in advance of the requested time/date.

Technical Account Manager

Premium support accounts are assigned a technical account manager (TAM) who is responsible for maintaining consistent communications, monitoring open incidents, and acts as a single point of contact.

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly ticket reviews with the Premium Support customers will be conducted by the TAM to review performance to date in the handling of incidents and identify areas of improvement to making handling of future incidents more efficient.

Perpetual Maintenance and Support Packages

Customers who elect to license Zenoss Software using a Perpetual Software License must also purchase an annual Perpetual Maintenance and Support Package in order to receive benefits of Zenoss Support (whether Basic Support or Premium Support), and software maintenance (service packs, patches, and fixes as they are released). Zenoss offers two Maintenance and Support Packages: Basic and Premium.

Maintenance and Support Package - Basic

Perpetual Maintenance and Support Package - Basic includes:

  • Software maintenance (service packs, patches, and fixes as they are released).

  • Zenoss Basic Support, as described in the table above.

Maintenance and Support Package - Premium

Perpetual Maintenance and Support Package - Premium includes:

  • Software maintenance (service packs, patches, and fixes as they are released).

  • Zenoss Premium Support, as described in the table above.

Maintenance, Upgrades, and Support Policies

Customers with a current Subscription, or a current Perpetual Maintenance and Support package, receive access to the latest generally available service packs, patches, and fixes as they are released. This only applies to software versions for which Zenoss is currently providing maintenance. For more information, please visit https://support.zenoss.com/hc/en-us/articles/202991725-End-of-Life-ProductSupport-Dates-. Customers are not required to implement service packs, patches, and fixes, but Zenoss is not responsible for any delay in providing support that could have been avoided by your reasonably prompt installation of a service pack, patch, or fix. Zenoss maintenance is limited to correcting errors, bugs or other defects with the standard software product and does not extend to any technology customers use with the software.

Customers with a current Subscription, or perpetual license and a current Support package, receive access to new versions of software products as they are released.

Zenoss Support is not available for any deliverable provided as part of a professional services engagement unless otherwise agreed in writing as part of the engagement. Zenoss is not required to provide maintenance for a version of the software after 12 months following the release of the subsequent version of the software.

You may not use Zenoss Support in connection with open source licensed software (for example, “Zenoss Core”), unless specifically stated.