Why Zenoss for VMware vCloud Monitoring?

For enterprises and service providers adding support for cloud services with VMware vCloud Director, Zenoss Service Dynamics provides unified visibility, real-time awareness, and sophisticated performance and availability monitoring of the entire infrastructure — physical, virtual, application, and cloud. With these capabilities, Zenoss addresses key operational challenges facing organizations that are deploying private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Zenoss Cloud Infrastructure Management For vCloud IT Operations must be able to identify resource conflicts and workload issues, as well as have the insights necessary to determine root causes of service issues inside their Virtual Data Centers (VDCs). Without the ability to see the entire infrastructure from end-to-end, meeting service levels is next to impossible.

Zenoss VMware vCloud Monitoring Capabilities

"VMware cloud infrastructure has been designed to enable integration with third-party products such as Zenoss Service Dynamics.

We are pleased to see Zenoss extend its service assurance solution to support VMware vSphereR 5 and VMware vCloudR Director 1.5 to help unify the view of IT across users' physical, virtual, and cloud environments - simplifying the management of applications and cloud services based on VMware cloud infrastructure."
Dan Chu, Cloud Infrastructure and Services
  • Agentless auto-discovery of business services and infrastructure and mapping of the cloud environment and underlying components, including vSphere virtual infrastructure, physical servers, applications, storage, and network components.
  • Comprehensive model built of the cloud environment and its dependencies with the physical world by accessing the vCloud APIs directly. The model automatically updates as the environment changes, ensuring the right monitoring policies are always applied.
  • Automated, real-time dependency tracking that detects changes in the vCloud environment and updates the service to infrastructure mapping accordingly. This mapping enables top-down navigation from the end user’s perspective or bottom-up from the physical infrastructure.
  • Unified, real-time service operations console brings together the operational insights from across the physical and virtual infrastructure needed to effectively operate a private or public cloud at scale
  • Self-service for vCloud consumers is provided through secure access to the Zenoss multi-tenant web-based application or through open data integration within the provider’s existing portal. Consumers can see their current resource usage and what virtual datacenters are available for deploying virtual applications.

Zenoss VMware vCloud ZenPack

The Zenoss VMware vCloud ZenPack enables Zenoss Service Dynamics to use the VMware Cloud Directory native management API to provide in-depth performance, availability, and event management for vCloud platforms. vCloud service providers can use the vCloud administrator view to gain a complete view of the entire cloud architecture. vCloud consumers can use the user view to obtain organization-specific information.

VMware vCloud ZenPack