Why Use Zenoss for Cisco UCS Monitoring?

"With prior experience with Zenoss for VMware monitoring we knew it was something we could get up and running and deployed in less time than the other apps and would help us cover gaps in the UCS platform. We were deployed in a couple days." Global Telecommunications Company
Whether you are using pre-architected VCE vBlock or NetApp FlexPod converged infrastructure architectures or building your own VMware and Cisco UCS solution, stateless operations brings its own set of challenges. For example, how do you follow dependency chains and identify the root cause of a problem in stateless relationships?

Zenoss Service Dynamics provides a Cisco UCS monitoring solution that unifies monitoring of all the components in the Cisco UCS stack. Zenoss Service Dynamics understands the relationships between operating system workloads and virtual machines, virtualized hosts and service profiles, and datastores and storage arrays. Zenoss Service Dynamics also tracks dependencies among the multiple components that make up an IT application service.

Cisco UCS allows you to move to a next-generation datacenter infrastructure. UCS Service Profiles sever the tight bonds between operating systems and server hardware, enabling the creation of dynamic datacenter.

Zenoss Cisco UCS Monitoring Capabilities

  • Unified view of both Cisco UCS component performance and availability as well as the performance and availability of all other physical and virtual devices in the datacenter.
  • Automatic discovery, inventory, and categorization of all physical and virtual infrastructure Cisco components.
  • Dynamic collection of Cisco UCS blade, network, storage, and virtual machine host information.
  • Workload relationship visualization across VMware, Cisco UCS, storage, and networking components.
  • Service dependency tracking among Cisco UCS components and the underlying dynamic infrastructure.
  • Faster root cause identification and service impact determination by reducing event storm clutter into a single relevant event.

Zenoss Cisco UCS Monitoring ZenPacks

  • Cisco UCS ZenPack
    Initial discovery and periodic remodeling of Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) components, along with performance monitoring, event management, and service impact and root cause analysis.

    Cisco UCS ZenPack
  • Cisco Devices ZenPack
    Automatically discover and monitor faults and performance for a wide range of Cisco equipment, including virtual resources such as virtual firewalls and virtual load balancers.

    Cisco Devices ZenPack
  • VMware vSphere ZenPack
    Initial discovery and periodic remodeling of VMWare vSphere components, along with performance monitoring, event management, and service impact and root cause analysis.

    VMware vSphere ZenPack