Setting the connection timeout of a resource pool

Use this procedure to set the length of time the services scheduler waits for a disconnected delegate host to reconnect before moving its services to a different host in the resource pool. This affects all multi-host resource pools. Zenoss recommends using a minimum value of 15 seconds for all multi-host pools. For resource pools that are connected through high-latency, wide-area networks, Zenoss recommends values greater than 15 seconds.
  1. Log in to the master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  2. Display the list of resource pools and their connection timeout values.
    serviced pool list -v | grep -E 'ID|ConnectionTimeout'
  3. Optional: Set the connection timeout value of a resource pool.
    This command accepts the following units identifiers:
    • ms (milliseconds)
    • s (seconds)
    • m (minutes)
    • h (hours)
    Replace Pool-ID with a resource pool identifier, and replace Timeout+Units with an integer followed by a units identifier:
    serviced pool set-conn-timeout Pool-ID Timeout+Units