Storage (VST) errors

Error Issue Solution
VST01 The amount of available swap space is less than the required minimum. Add space to the swap device or partition.
VST02 Swap is not mounted on a block device or partition. Add a separate device or partition for swap.
VST03 (Master hosts only) One or both of the following paths do not exist:
  • /opt/serviced/var/backups
  • /opt/serviced/var/isvcs
Perform one or both of the following procedures:
VST04 One or more required mount points do not have the required minimum space. This test does not examine space for thin pools. Add storage as recommended in Recommended storage layout.
VST05 One or more required mount points are mounted on the same device or partition. Add devices or partitions for each required mount point.
VST06 The amount of space available on unused block storage devices is not enough for the thin pools the specified role requires. On master hosts, separate devices or partitions are required for thin pools for Docker data and application data. On delegate or collector hosts, a separate device is required for the Docker data thin pool. For more information, see Recommended storage layout.