Key variables used in this guide

The following tables associate key features of a high-availability deployment with variables used in this guide.

Feature Variable Name
Primary Node Secondary Node
Public IP address of master node (static; known to all Control Center machines) Primary-Public-IP Secondary-Public-IP
Public hostname of master node (returned by uname; resolves to the public IP address) Primary-Public-Name Secondary-Public-Name
Private IP address of master node (static; dual-NIC systems only) Primary-Private-IP Secondary-Private-IP
Private hostname of master node (resolves to the private IP address; dual-NIC systems only) Primary-Private-Name Secondary-Private-Name
Feature Variable Name
Virtual IP address of the high-availability cluster (static; known enterprise-wide) HA-Virtual-IP
Virtual hostname of the high-availability cluster (known enterprise-wide) HA-Virtual-Name
Mirrored storage for Control Center internal services data Isvcs-Storage
Mirrored storage for application metadata Metadata-Storage
Mirrored storage for application data App-Data-Storage