Other Cisco syslog configurations

Following are additional configurations for other Cisco devices. To set up these configurations:
  1. Log in to the target router.
  2. Type the command enable at the prompt.
  3. Once you are prompted for a password, enter the correct password.
  4. Type the command config at the prompt.
  5. Type the command terminal at the configuration prompt.
  6. At the prompt, Set the Syslog forwarding mechanism. See example below:
    logging <IP address of the server>
  7. Exit out all the prompts to the main router prompt.


set logging server enable set logging server set logging level all 5 set logging server severity 6

Local Director

syslog output 20.5 no syslog console syslog host

PIX Firewalls

logging on logging standby logging timestamp logging trap notifications logging facility 19 logging host inside