Prerequisites and considerations

Review the following information about multi-realm networks.

  • Download and install the ZenPacks.zenoss.MultiRealmIP and ZenPacks.zenoss.DistributedCollector ZenPacks.
  • On certain server configurations, if a distributed collector is configured, a "zenpack command failed" error occurs when you install the ZenPacks.zenoss.MultiRealmIP ZenPack. If you encounter this error, run the following grant as MySQL root. Replace user and passwd with the user account and password that Resource Manager uses to access MySQL.
    grant super on *.* to 'user'@'{FQDN_of_Zenoss_host}' identified by 'passwd';
  • Before you set up the network, you must delete all Resource Manager networks. The networks are automatically recreated with the realm associations that the ZenPacks.zenoss.MultiRealmIP ZenPack adds.
  • Under multi-realm IP networks, device names must be unique even though the IP addresses overlap.
  • If an event contains the unique name of a device, assigning it the proper device is simple. However, if only the IP address is sent, the event is assigned by looking up the IP within the context of the realm.
  • If a device is moved between realms, the device must be remodeled so that its IPs are placed in the correct location.
  • The Network Map only displays the default realm.