Adding devices to realms

When you add devices to the system, you can add the same device twice to simulate a multi-realm setup.
  1. Navigate to INFRASTRUCTURE > Devices.
  2. Add a device called A.test and select a remote collector. Do not select localhost.
    For instructions, see Adding a single device.
  3. Rename the device.
    For instructions, see Renaming a device.
  4. Add the device a second time, selecting a different remote collector; again do not select localhost.
  5. In the device list, click the new device name to open the device overview page.
  6. In the left panel, choose Model Device.
    For instructions, see Remodeling a device.
  7. In the left panel, choose Software and follow the network link on one of the interfaces.
    The network was created beneath the realm that you created.
As networks are discovered, they are created within each realm. Monitoring occurs on each representation of the device from the different collectors in different overlapping realms.
(Optional) Navigate to INFRASTRUCTURE > Devices. Search for the devices by IP address. Two devices are returned, one in each realm.