Working with portlets

There are several options to control the portlet display.
Figure 9. Dashboard Portlet Controls Dashboard Portlet Controls
  • Click the Collapse icon to collapse the portlet so that only the title appears on the dashboard.
  • Click the Pop Out icon to show the portlet in a full screen view. Click Close to return to the dashboard view.
  • Click the Edit icon to edit the portlet settings. You can edit the title of the portlet, its height and how often it refreshes. Some portlets may have additional configuration options. A preview of the portlet is provided on the right side of the dialog box. Click Save to update the portlet configuration.
  • Click the Close icon to remove the portlet from the dashboard.

In tabular portlets, you can control the display by sorting columns as well as adding and hiding columns.

  • To sort based on a column, hover over the column header and click the arrow to display the sort and display options.
  • To add or hide columns, hover over the Columns entry and check or clear the boxes of the columns to add or hide.