Adding notification schedules

You can establish one or more notification schedules for each defined notification. These notification schedules allow you to receive bulk email notifications at a specific time.
  1. In the Notifications area on the left, select a notification.
  2. In the Notification Schedules area on the right, click Add.
    Figure 29. Add Schedule Window dialog box
  3. In the Add Schedule Window dialog box, enter an identifier for the schedule, and then click SUBMIT.
  4. In the Notification Schedules area, double-click the new schedule.
  5. In the Edit Notification Schedule dialog box, complete the following fields, and then click SUBMIT.
    Check the box to enable the schedule.
    Start Date
    The calendar date of the start of the schedule.
    The schedule frequency, one of the following values:
    • Never
    • Daily
    • Every Weekday
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • First Sunday of the Month
    Duration (minutes)
    The period of time during which the notification window is active.