Global notification permissions

By establishing permissions, you can control which users have the ability to view, manage, and update notifications. Permissions are granted based on the user's assigned role. The following table lists account roles and their associated notification permissions:

Role Permissions
Admin, Manager, ZenManager Users assigned the Admin, Manager, or ZenManager roles can view, update, and manage any notification.
Notification owner When a user creates a notification, that user is designated the owner of that notification. During the life of the notification, the owner can view, update, and manage it.
All other users (including those assigned ZenUser and ZenOperator roles) Must be specifically granted permissions through the interface to view, edit, or manage notifications.

You can set global permissions for viewing, updating and managing a notification. Global permissions are given to any user with "manage" permission, which includes:

  • Admin, Manager, and ZenManager roles
  • Notification owner

Edit global permissions from the Subscribers tab on the Edit Notification Subscription panel.

Global options are:

  • Everyone can view - Provides global view permission.
  • Everyone can edit content - Provides global update permission.
  • Everyone can manage subscriptions - Provides global manage permission.

Permission checks occur when the data is sent to the browser and when any action occurs. To determine where a user can make modifications to a particular tab, permission checks are performed on global roles, then managerial roles, and then individual roles. Any role that provides the required permission will allow that permission's associated behavior.

Figure 28. Edit Notification ../images/Edit_Notification_Subscription.png