The main content of the Dashboard contains portlets that provide information about the system and infrastructure.

Available portlets are as follows, listed alphabetically:

Daemon Processes Down
Contains system self-monitoring information.
Device Chart
Allows the display of a graph of multiple data points for a selected device class.
Device Issues
Displays a list of devices associated with color-coded events of critical, error, or warning severity levels. To view details, click a device name. To go to the event console for the device, click an event.
Figure 7. Device Issues Portlet Device Issues Portlet
Event View
Displays the list of events similar to the view on the Event console.
Google Maps
Shows configured device locations and configured network connections.
Figure 8. Google Maps Portlet Google Maps Portlet
HTML Portlet
Displays HTML content. You must use HTML markup in this portlet. If you want to populate a portlet with content from a specific URL, use the Site Window portlet instead.
Multi-Graph Report
Displays an existing Multi-Graph Report (created by using the Reports page). You can choose a specific graph group from the multi-graph report and select the time range for the portlet.
Network Map
Displays a network map for a defined network that is being monitored. You can define the refresh interval and level of depth of the map.
Open Events Chart
Displays a chart of the number of open events grouped by severity. You can define the event class to be used and the number of past days for which to show events.
Choose the root organizer (devices, locations, systems, groups) and then child organizer options are enabled.
Past Events Line Chart
Displays a line chart of past events grouped by severity. You can define the event class to be used and the number of past days for which to show events.
Production States
Shows devices assigned to a particular production state. If needed, you can define multiple production states to display.
Site Window
Initially provides links to resources such as product guides, forums, and training events.

You can customize the portlet to display content from any URL. However, Zenoss recommends that you keep a portlet with the default URL so that you can stay up-to-date with Zenoss training and product updates. You can have multiple Site Window portlets defined on your Dashboard.

Watch List
Allows the display of high-level status device classes, groups, systems, event classes, and locations that you select.