Initial login

The first time you log in to Resource Manager, you will immediately be taken to a startup wizard where you will perform the following tasks:
  • Set your admin password
  • Set your personal login
  • Discover devices (optional)
  • Add Infrastructure (optional)
  1. Launch your Resource Manager application the first time by clicking on the Virtual Host Name in Control Center. You will be presented with the following page showing you the initial steps to follow:
    Figure 1. Installation Wizard
  2. Click Get Started to begin the wizard. The Setup Users page appears.
    Figure 2. Setup Users
  3. Set your admin password and create your personal user account. Click Next. The Network Discovery page appears.
    Figure 3. Network Discovery
  4. You can discover devices by setting networks or IP ranges on this page. If you are not ready to discover devices, you can skip this page and add devices later. For more information about the fields on this page see Adding, discovering and modeling devices. When you are ready to continue, click Next. The Add Infrastructure page appears.
    Figure 4. Add Infrastructure Add Infrastructure
  5. You can add devices from different categories on this page. For each device, select the category, type and enter the connection information. If you are not ready to add devices, you can skip this page. When you are ready to continue, click Done. You will be taken to the Dashboard view of Resource Manager.