Defining the SNMP trap host

For SNMP trap-type notifications, on the Edit Notification Content tab, provide the following information:

  • SNMP Trap Destination - Specify the host name or IP address to which the trap should be sent.
  • SNMP Community- Specify the SNMP community. By default, this is public.
  • SNMP Version- Select v2c (default) or v1.
  • SNMP Port- Specify the SNMP port. Typically, this is 162.

SNMP traps sent as a result of this notification are defined in the ZENOSS-MIB file. You can find this MIB file on any Resource Manager server at $ZENHOME/share/mibs/site/ZENOSS-MIB.txt.

Figure 26. Edit Notification Content (SNMP trap) ../images/Edit_SNMPTrap_Notification.png