Associating objects with specific users

You can associate any object in the system with a particular user, for monitoring or reporting purposes. Once associated with a user, you can then assign the user a specific role that applies to his privileges with respect to that object.

For more information about object-specific roles, see Roles.

To create an object association:

  1. From ADVANCED > Settings, select Users in the left panel.
  2. Click the name of a user.
  3. From the Edit page, select Administered Objects in the left panel. The list of administered objects appears.
    Figure 128. Administered objects - add object images/administeredobject.png
  4. Select an object type from the Administered Objects Action menu. You can add:
    • Device
    • Device class
    • System
    • Group
    • Location
  5. Specify the component you want to add as an administered object, and then click OK. The object appears in the Administered Devices list for the user.
    Figure 129. Administered Objects - Objects Added images/adminobjectadded.png
  6. Optional: Change the role that is associated for this user on this object.
  7. Click Save to save changes.