Adding graph definitions

In the context of multi-graph reports, graph definitions are very similar to those in monitoring templates. Settings on the graph definition define basic parameters. Graph points are added to specify which data should be drawn. (For more information on creating graph definitions, see Performance graphs.)

The most significant differences between graph definitions in the two contexts is how data point graph points and threshold graph points are added. When adding a data point graph point to a graph definition in a performance template, you can select from a list of data points that are defined on that template. In the context of a multi-graph report, there are no graph point definitions listed. You must enter the name of the data point on the data point graph point dialog.

  1. Click the Action icon in the Graph Definitions area of the Graph edit page and select Add Graph.
    The Add a New Graph dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a name for the graph, then click OK.
    The Edit Graph Definition page appears.
    Figure 136. Multi-Graph Report Graph Definition
  3. Make any changes to the graph definition values displayed, then click Save.
  4. Click the Action icon in the Graph Points section to perform the following:
    • Add data points (see next topic)
    • Add thresholds
    • Add a custom graph point
    • Delete a graph point
    • Re-sequence graph points