Viewing and overriding device properties

This section further illustrates the characteristics of configuration properties from the perspective of the Resource Manager browser interface.
  1. From the navigation bar, choose INFRASTRUCTURE.
  2. In the tree view, click DETAILS > Configuration Properties. The Configuration Properties page for the selected device class appears.
    The following figure shows device configuration properties that are defined at the root level. The zCollectorClientTimeout configuration property has a default value of 180.
    Figure 72. Defined device configuration properties - root level ../images/configuration_properties_device_class.png
    In the following figure, the zCollectorClientTimeout configuration property value is set to 170 at the /Server/Linux device class. The device class value overrides the default value at this node of the hierarchy.
    Figure 73. zCollectorClientTimeout configuration property - local value set zCollectorClientTimeout configuration property - local value set
  3. To remove the override and once again inherit the value from the root of the hierarchy:
    1. Select the property in the list.
    2. Click Delete Local Copy and, when prompted, click OK.