Create a maintenance window for a single device

Use this procedure to create a maintenance window for a device.
  1. Log in to the Resource Manager browser interface, and then navigate to INFRASTRUCTURE > Devices.
  2. In the content area, click the name of the device.
  3. In the sidebar, click Device Administration.
  4. In the Maintenance Window toolbar, click Add.
  5. In the Add New Maintenance Window dialog box, specify the attributes of the new maintenance window.
    The attributes allow you to specify whether or not to enable the window, the time of day and date when the maintenance window starts (in local time zone format), the duration of the window, and whether and how the window repeats.
    The Window Production State field allows you to categorize the production state of the device during the maintenance window. When the window ends, the device is returned to the production state it was in when it entered the maintenance window.
  6. At the bottom of the Add New Maintenance Window dialog box, click SUBMIT.