Customizing Resource Manager self monitoring

Customize monitoring of Resource Manager components to fit your environment.
  1. Add and model one or more Resource Manager instances as devices. For each device, specify the device class /ZenossRM, and set configuration properties that have prefix zRMM.
    For more information, see the following topics:
  2. To determine base-level performance for your Resource Manager systems, study component graphs after a week, a month, and so on. If a metric for a component in one of the pipelines captures data that indicates a potential problem, take the following actions:
  3. To the template for the affected component, add thresholds for the data point.
    • Create a threshold to send a warning level event that you can investigate.
    • Create another threshold to send an error level event to indicate a more serious problem.
  4. Create events with event class /ZenossRM for the threshold violations, which will cause a visible change to the related pipeline node.
  5. As you collect more data, make adjustments to thresholds and events as needed.