Control Center components

Components of the /ControlCenter device are as follows:
Host systems that run Resource Manager services.
Attributes: CPU cores, IP address, memory
Relationships: CC-Pools, CC-Running
Resource pools that are associated with Resource Manager services.
Attributes: CPU core capacity, memory capacity
Relationships: CC-Hosts, CC-Services, CC-Running
Running instances of services that are defined in CC-Services.
Attributes: Instances, status, service ID, parent service ID, host ID
Relationships: CC-Pools, CC-Hosts, CC-Services
All services that are defined for your system to run on CC-Hosts. Service definitions specify service properties and states.
Attributes: Target state
Relationships: Parent service, child services, CC-Pools, CC-Running
CC-Thin pools
LVM thin pools for Control Center application data. Thin pools include separate storage areas for data and metadata.
Attributes: Driver, driver type, pool name, total bytes, used bytes
Relationships: None
Storage volumes for the /ControlCenter device.
Attributes: Total bytes, used bytes, data file, driver, status
Relationships: None
The following figure shows the CPU usage graph for the resource pool named rm_pool.
Figure 97. CPU usage graph for a pool CPU usage graph