Chapter 8. Performance monitoring

Resource Manager stores device and daemon performance metrics directly in OpenTSDB, a time series database that runs on top of an HBase instance. Writing directly to OpenTSDB eliminates the need for RRD files to be stored on the collectors. The following image shows how the collector daemons fit into the data collection portion of the Resource Manager architecture.

Figure 85. Data collection simplified architecture

Resource Manager uses the following methods to monitor performance metrics of devices and device components:

  • ZenPerfSNMP - Collects data through SNMP from any device that is correctly configured for SNMP monitoring.
  • ZenWinPerf - ZenPack that allows performance monitoring of Windows servers.
  • ZenCommand - Using telnet or ssh, logs in to devices and runs scripts to collect performance data.
  • Other ZenPacks - Collect additional performance data. Examples include the ZenJMX ZenPack, which collects data from enterprise Java applications, and the HttpMonitor ZenPack, which checks the availability and responsiveness of Web pages.

Regardless of the monitoring method, the system stores performance monitoring configuration information in monitoring templates.