Editing ValueChange thresholds

The threshold must be created by the Add Threshold functionality or already be defined in the system before you can edit it.

To edit a ValueChange threshold:

  1. Double-click the threshold in the list. The Edit Threshold dialog box appears.
    Figure 92. Edit Threshold Edit Threshold
  2. Enter or select values to define the threshold:
    • Name- Displays the value for the ID you entered on the Add a New Threshold dialog.
    • Type- Type of threshold that you selected. You cannot change the type of threshold. If you want a different type of threshold, you need to create a new one and assign the correct type.
    • Data Points- Select one or more data points to which this threshold will apply and click the right-arrow button to move them to the selected column. When the data point changes status, an event will be triggered.
    • Severity- Select the severity level of the first event triggered when this threshold is breached.
    • Enabled- Select the check box to enable the threshold, or clear the check box to disable it.
    • Event Class- Select the event class of the event that will be triggered when this threshold is breached.
  3. Click Save to confirm the edits.